Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines day!!!

Well I've found some really cute little bits and pieces for my baking experiments leading up to Valentines day. My friend Nula bought me these fab silicone cake tray and cupcake trays. They are in gorgeous heart shapes and I think you can use them all year round!

Also, whilst I was in the local supermarket I spotted the cutest red heart shaped ramekins- they were a song so I snapped up some for myself and Nula. They are the cutest- perfect for rich chocolate pudding. I managed to find a great set of heart shaped cookie cutters too. Delighted with myself I am I must say.

My first experiment using the silicone cupcake tray was a rather made up recipe (oops) using biscuit base, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, double cream, sugar, vanilla essence and condensed milk (Yikes, I'm putting on weight just writing this!!!!). They set as a biscuit but had the texture of cross between a rum ball, truffle and cookie. Now they didn't look amazing, and I should have decorated them with something- if I had anything left in my pantry by this stage- but the mixture was so rich it would have been overkill!

Yummo! I took the batch down to my friend Louise quick smart before I demolished them.

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