Thursday, February 19, 2009


Oh my goodness, look what Nula bought me back from Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in love with everything that I was given! So I got a super calender for mum's (hehe) with lots of cool stickers to add onto important dates. It's great as it comes with a magnetic strip so it attaches itself to anything metal- or the fridge door even. Nula also gave me a cool note pad of 'don't forgets' which also has a magnet on the back of it- she knows me so well with multiple lists on the go all at once. Also included in my goodies bag is a great notebook with LOVE on the cover- and love it I do!
Look at the fabulous tea towels she got for me in Target!!! These are so my favourite. It may be post Valentines day but I think it's never the wrong occassion to display hearts!

And...look at these super cute edible little cake decorations. Hearts again, but they have little messages on them like 'i love you', 'your mine'etc. Do you remember these from when we were kids?

I'm in my eliment, thanks a million Nula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Princess Sleepalot said...

Oh your so welcome amiga!! What are we like with our posts..."look at what my friend Janey gave me"...."look at what my friend Nula gave me" oh my.....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jane said...

LoL, I know, but I have to show everyone all the goodies you are always buying me coz I'm super spoilt!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx

Nula said...

Right back at ya amiga xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx