Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Friend Nula- an inspiration!

This is my friend Nula pictured here with Finn 2 weeks ago. She is such a great person and I love spending time with her. I wanted to show you the gorgeous gifts that she has bought and made for me recently for no reason at all!

This first image is a cookie canister that she decorated for me because she know I am trying to learn how to bake. Best of all it was filled with mouth watering rocky road! Yummmmo. She is fabulous at baking and can make anything. I'm okay with cooking meals etc but baking and deserts is something I just fancy trying these days seeing I'm at home alot more with Finn. She has used gorgeous ribbons and tiny little flower transfers to decorate the glass. She made the cupcake motif attached to the outside and filled in the lid with cute little cupcake paper. The only problem is that I keep filling up the cookie jar and someone keeps emptying it...and it isn't Finn. Any ideas Peter?

Nula also bought me this gorgeous little love heart bowl that is perfect for filling with cream or chocolates. I really love it and have purchased two big hot chocolate mugs to match it!

And lastly, the beautiful Greengate napkin/teacloth. It's perfect for laying afternoon tea out on. It's just the most feminine floral print you could find.

Aren't they all beautiful things? Aren't I so lucky?

Thanks Nula!!!!

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Princess Sleepalot said...

Oh Janey such a lovely post. Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx