Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm still here!

Hello to everyone who has been asking for updated photo's of Finn...the truth is these are sadly some of my more recent pics of him. They were taken with my camera phone which can only mean one thing...they aren't great quality! Even so, at least you get an idea of how big he is getting. I promise to take plenty of photo's over the next few weeks so keep checking for updates.

Here is a pic of me pulling one of my many curious faces???

And here, blinking everytime mummy tries to snap a pic, heheheeee
Just doing a few chores, trying to move these very heavy bottles of water out of the way...without any success.

Working like a slave, doing the washing!

Waiting for the good warm days to come here so I can play out in the back garden

Snoozing with my favourite bunny, Ronnie...

Cuddled up tight...

Fast asleep in mum and dad's bed...for about 30 seconds