Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lucky me!

Recently I've been off from work because I burnt my arm quite badly with a boiling hot mug of green tea...it's the cats fault but anyway! When I returned back to work, after a good week and a half away, my work friends had bought some beautiful gifts for me. I'm so lucky to have such kind people to work with.
As you can see from above, they bought me this amazingly beautiful orchid, which I've placed on our mantle piece in the parlour. Isn't it a gorgeous colour? Little did they know that when I get married later in the year, the flowers that will be decorating our tables will be orchids. Even look at the cute bowl/pot it is sitting in. How oriental.

The second gift I received was from my friend Jonathan. He bought me some really adorable hand towels with fantastic embellishments on them. One says- Domestic Goddess in Disguise. Hehehe... it is so cute. The other says- I love Chocolate. It has the cutest little chocolate cup cakes and sweets on it.

Ah the Joy! Don't I feel special!

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amy said...


you are lucky to recieve an orchid with 2 spikes of flowers as usually in australia the plant has only one.

It is gorgeous, the flowers should last up to 6mths if you keep it damp but not water logged.