Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Inspiration come early!

There are some truly amazingly talented artists in blogland...all are extremely inspiring to me. However the time of day that I tend to get onto my laptop and do a little bit of searching around is ALWAYS late at night!!! This is the worst time to get inspired and to get the ol' brain ticking because it means it will be another sleepless night where all I do is lay in bed, thinking of all these marvellous ideas. Of course, come sunrise I am far too exhausted to actually get up and start anything...least of all go off to work for the day.

*Yawn* I'm getting sleepy just thinking of yet another tiresome night.

That being said, I'm going to make the effort, from this moment onwards, not to do my arty research at night!! Please let me stick to this decision for the sake even of vanity. My dark under eye circles are becoming a 'feature' on my face. Yikes!

Why can't i wake up fresh to resemble this beauty???

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