Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wallpapering our Living Room

So I've been thinking of wallpapering our living room...just one feature wall again because I really couldn't imagine doing the whole room- that would take like almost forever to complete and I also wouldn't do the whole room because that may make you feel a little enclosed.

This first image is a good example of what I'm thinking. The colours we have in the living area are similar to those in this image, except we have a dark wooden floor, and cream sofas. I also like the simple repetition of the pattern on this wallpaper, although I may try and look for a large flower?
The next image is a photo of our living area when we moved in...(nothing) and the next image is of our living area at the moment. Although it still looks kind of bare, it's alot more shall I say 'finished' than when we first moved in!
The reason I'm posting my appartment in such a state is because I'd LOVE some feedback before I go out and by rolls and rolls of fabulous new wallpaper!

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